Halleemah Nash has a unique voice and a diverse set of experiences. She has told her story as a public speaker for nearly a decade, but decided to take on authorship as a way to extend her voice to readers everywhere. In April 2014, Nash will release the self published work Endless Summer: Inspirations and Reflections for the Journey to Life Balance.

Nash has paired her witty and relatable life experiences with scriptural lessons and inspirational quotes focused on one of the most consistent topics amongst audiences she has engaged- the subject of life balance. With titles such as Rejection As a Tool, The Pity Party Does Not Turn Up, #TeamNoSleep, and A Prayer For Our Exes, this devotional is sure to strike a cord and serve as a resource to help people in all walks of life on their quest to a more balanced perspective.

Available on Paperback and Kindle via Amazon.com and CreateSpace.com beginning April 15!

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“I’ve been asked so frequently once I began writing this work, what exactly is a balanced life? What does an endless summer look like? If I were to summarize my charge to readers in the devotional Endless Summer it would be: Allow your dreams to be bigger than the limits of your current reality, work smart and build a loving relationship with discipline, and finally- be balanced in your perspective.”

Halleemah Nash

Author, Endless Summer

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