Israel Idonije Foundation

Overall Foundation Management

Project Location: Chicago, Illinois

Total Impacted:

  • Over 1,227 engaged

Impact Summary:

Joined the team to lead overall management of human resources, operations and growth strategy.

Developed and implemented a new strategic plan that led to the following accomplishments over a 9 month timespan:

  • Expanded Board of Directors from 4 members to 12 members, increasing board revenue contribution revenue by 60%
  • Diversified funding sources – Increased new individual donors by 17% increased funding from grants by 16%, increased corporate funding to over $140,000 in sponsorship, in kind donations and support
  • Enhanced digital media integration including a revamped website with more comprehensive information on staff and programs, a weekly blog spotlight with an increase of 1,000 new and unique visitors weekly to website
  • Significantly increased social media following on all major platforms by 140%
  • Increased leverage dollars to by 91% totaling $129,700 in leveraged services and products